If you own a business with a freezer, then you know how important it is to keep everything at the right temperature. Commercial refrigerators can be a major business advantage, especially in Marble Falls, Texas, but only if you maintain them correctly. If you want to be sure that your refrigerator works properly, be aware of these common commercial refrigeration problems.

Icy Build Up on Commercial Refrigeration Unit

Although the inside of the refrigerator is very cold, there should never be icy buildup on the outside or along the inside of your commercial refrigerator. It is designed to drop the temperature in the air to below freezing levels, but the humidity should fall out of the air before it freezes. If you have an icy buildup, the chances are good that you have an air management problem that is keeping the air too humid.

To avoid this problem, check the seals on your door. Warm air could be flowing in, which will make the air inside too humid. Otherwise, your staff may be opening your refrigerator too often, raising the humidity.

Inadequate Temperature Control

Another problem is bad temperature control. If left closed and running, a commercial refrigerator should maintain a constant temperature below freezing. If you are experiencing problems with keeping things cold and fresh, then there is a chance that the temperature is inconsistent. There are several ways that this can happen, including a refrigerant leak that makes the refrigerator less effective. Your refrigerator could also be overdue for cleaning and maintenance — dirty air vents and broken seals can cause airflow issues.

Strange Noises

Your refrigerator is likely very quiet when running properly. If you hear noises that it doesn’t normally make, then something might be wrong. For example, your refrigerator suddenly making a high-pitched sound could mean that there is a coolant leak. One of our refrigeration technicians can diagnose and correct these problems.

Keeping your commercial refrigerator in good working order is an important part of your business. Call Clendennen Services AC & Heat at 830-282-4337 to discuss our commercial refrigeration services.

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