Commercial refrigeration maintenance can and should be performed annually on all cooling equipment. Neglecting this important task can put your Bertram, TX enterprise at risk. Commercial refrigeration equipment tune-ups can reduce service disruptions and help to keep your business profitable.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Guards Against Breakdowns

Most refrigeration system breakdowns are attributable to poor maintenance. Waiting to address issues until the unit fails will cost you more than preventive maintenance over time. Additional consequences could include spoiled inventory, dissatisfied customers, stressed employees and a new refrigeration installation.

Preventive Maintenance Reduces Operating Costs

Tune-ups prepare commercial cooling equipment for optimal performance. Having the unit serviced annually can reduce total energy costs by 5 to 20 percent. Greater energy efficiency translates into cost savings that can boost your bottom line. Refrigeration equipment repairs are reduced or prevented because potential problems are spotted and corrected before they escalate.

Equipment Servicing Helps to Maintain a Healthy Indoor Environment

Dirty buildup inside a refrigeration system can foster bacterial colonies. Bacteria can cause all types of allergic reactions.

What Does a Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Technician Do?

  • Thoroughly clean all system components
  • Perform an equipment inspection and assessment
  • Disassemble and clean ice makers
  • Check fan motor and compressor for proper operation
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check for and repair any air leaks
  • Measure refrigerant level and check for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspect electrical connections for safety issues and proper operation
  • Test and calibrate thermostats
  • Check temperature settings and defrost frequency settings

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