For many Marble Falls, Texas, commercial companies, maintenance is something you do when things go wrong. Maintenance is actually what you should do when things are going right. Proactively approaching maintenance can prevent downtime and preserve your bottom line. Here are four benefits of commercial refrigeration maintenance:

Prevents Disruptive Equipment Breakdowns and Associated Losses

If your inventory must stay cool for safety reasons, the last thing you want is an equipment breakdown. You’ll have to pay for commercial refrigeration repairs, and you’ll be faced with operational downtime and spoiled food. Industry studies confirm that most breakdowns can be avoided with annual preventive maintenance.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Keeps Energy Costs Manageable

Refrigeration equipment can get covered with grit after a year of nonstop operation. Part of our maintenance service is a good cleaning. Dirt inside the unit can interfere with performance, obstruct airflow and make the unit overwork. Clean equipment is more efficient than dirty equipment, and your utility bills will prove it.

Maximizes Equipment Lifespan

HVAC studies reveal that preventive maintenance extends commercial equipment lifespan significantly. The average age of a refrigeration unit is 10 years. Without proper maintenance, that unit might only last half as long. Well-maintained units can often last from 15 to 20 years. Equipment lifespan is longest when the unit maintains specified temperatures and pressures. If it’s operating outside of manufacturers’ specifications, the additional stress can shorten its lifespan and raise utility bills.

Preserves Food Safety

Edible products can spoil quickly if they’re not maintained at proper temperatures. Ice machines can develop microbial growth. Equipment must be cleaned, inspected and serviced regularly. With annual maintenance, your commercial refrigeration equipment will do its part to keep perishables fresh.

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